Meet The Team



Dave Ecton
(630) 853-3896

Dave has 30+ years of industry experience in both residential & commercial property roofing construction.  After Dave received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Western Michigan University, he went on to get his MBA at Lewis University. He holds a Residential, Commercial & Industrial Illinois Roofing Construction License, that assures “total customer satisfaction”.  He helps keep Ranger Exteriors current with the newest roofing technology, product innovation, installation systems & customer preferences. Dave believes in arming our Customers with the right knowledge to make the Best - Informed quality decision.  


Angel Rios
Vice President of Production
C (630) 618-6148

Angel brings value and experience to Ranger Exteriors as a former General Contractor Branch Manager, Production Manager, Sales Associate, and Home-inspection Account Manager. He knows all aspects of exterior restoration and is bilingual in both English and Spanish. Using the skills developed by experiences and education, Angel has partnered with a great team to provide exceptional service to his community in the area of Exterior Restoration. As the Co-owner of Ranger Exteriors, Angel is serving the western suburbs of Chicago (Naperville Area) for all Roofing, Siding, Gutters and all exterior building maintenance services. He specializes in the needs and vision that multi-family homeowners associations have in keeping their buildings looking beautiful and having exterior building components as maintenance free as possible.