Planning and Communication

  • Certifications and training on all products being installed
  • Parking Management
  • Material Management
  • Contingency Planning - Cost of unforeseen issues such as sheathing replacement, flashing, etc.  Agreed upon communication system to fix the issue and be transparent with pricing


  • Products are installed in accordance with manufacturers installation guidelines to assure maximum product lifecycle
  • LP Smart Side Trained Installer
  • Vinyl Siding Institute Certified Installer

Customer Service

Dedicated Personnel on-site just to interact with homeowners and installation crew. We interact with residents by being attentive to their needs such as:

  • Project Schedule
  • Parking
  • Kids coming from school or the park
  • Pets
  • Safety
  • Cable, Satellite Dishes, and Internet

Site Cleanliness

  • Prioritize Site Cleanliness
  • Clean During Install
  • End of each day we conduct thorough cleaning
  • We will have ground locations to store material for next day and we will have waste put away on a daily basis

Information Management and Verified Project Completion

Punch List:

  • Conduct walk through with homeowner certifying completion with Punch List.

Information Management:

  • Building Data Sheet will be provided for historical documentation will provide the following information on every product installed:
  • Product Specifications
  • Manufacturer and POC
  • Warranty
  • Color